African Law Association
African Law Association
Association du Droit Africain
Gesellschaft für afrikanisches Recht e.V.

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 25  research projects 
 10  intern. treaties 
 76  laws/data bases 
 5  other materials 
 73  journals 
 4  own publications 
 26  cases/data bases 
 508  addresses 
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About us
Welcome Greeting by the chairman of the association
Organs Information about the chairman, secretary-general and auditor
Internet team Information about the team members
Membership Information focusing the membership and a contact form
Constitution Information to the statutes

Our conferences
this year Programme of the upcoming conference
previuos years Overview of presentations at past conferences

Our publications
Journals Information about our journal 'Law in Africa' ('Recht in Afrika')
Yearbook Information about the yearbook of the association
Newsletter The newsletter can be subscribed over here and a newsletter archive is/will be available
Series Information about our series 'Law in Africa'

Materials Information and links to African legal textes, judgments and documents of all kinds
Journals Information and links to scientific periodicals dealing with law in Africa
Organisations Information and links to institutions relating to law in Africa
Who is Who? Information and links to (academic) individuals dealing with law in Africa
Research projects Information and links to ongoing and completed researches concerning law in Africa
Students' reports Sources of reports of study- and research stays as well as practical studies and traineeships in Africa


A concise illustration of our homepage


A contact form in order to communicate with the association


Further information as to the African Law Association
African Law Association, c/o Dr. Jörg Kleis, Choriner Straße 83, 10119 Berlin, Germany,

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